Your Strengths are Your Weaknesses

moses-and-the-shepherds1It hit me reading Exodus 2, that your greatest strengths always have an element of your greatest weakness.

Moses was clearly a man who cared about others. He also was not afraid to get involved. He saw and Egyptian beating a Hebrew, so he killed him and buried him in the sand. Passionate. Involved. Righteous. Of course, he got found out and had to flee for his life.

Now he is on the other side of the desert. Here are some shepherd girls, trying to get water for their sheep.The other male shepherds run them off. Moses character jumps in again. He is not afraid. He gets involved. He cares about the oppressed. So he chased the other shepherds away and rescued the girls. Still the same character. Still the same willingness to risk life and limb.

This time it ends well. Very well. He is invited to the home of the girls, is invited to settle there, is given the oldest girl as his wife.

Sometimes our greatest strengths are at the same time our greatest weaknesses.


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